In single-player games, Madden NFL 23 can give

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FieldSense, an exclusive feature available to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of Madden NFL 23 includes much more than simply running the ball. Quarterbacks also Madden 23 Coins have a new method of targeting, which seemed quite granular and intimidating first. Then I realized it was simply an idea of what I was already doingthe receiver is leading, throwing the ball before or over him. When passers key in a throw during Madden NFL 23. they'll find an ellipse that appears on this field, which is the area where the receiver could be successful in catching.

Players can move a reticle around or even out of the area (depending on a game toggle) to shield it from opponents or create an incredible, how-did he-do-that catch. If the players desire it you can add an additional menu option that allows the release meter to the head of the receiver. It's a blue area -- meaning completion -that narrows or widens dependent on the quarterback's qualities and what the play is about (rolling out and throwing over his body and back, etc.). It's a lot to process, but in most throws out of the pocket, I was not required to think about the meter. even with a shaky thrower extending a broken play and the possibility exists to bullseye any receiver if you're lucky (or fortunate) enough.

In single-player games, Madden NFL 23 can give players a bullet-time slowed down to aid players in identifying plays and familiarize themselves with the system. However, after just a couple of throws I did not need it. The most impressive example of this visual aid occurred in the course of a game in which I took for the Los Angeles Chargers against their stadium landlords they are the Los Angeles Rams. Justin Herbert lofted a 12-yard square in the direction of Keenan Allan that I purposely put in a long, high throw Madden 23 Coins. It slipped through Jalen Ramsey's left hand outstretched. Ramsey is probably the best player in cornerbacks in the NFL, and in 9 out of 10 Madden games prior to this the incident, it was an interception.