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Had it not been for the battle with Xu Yang,

Had it not been for the battle with Xu Yang, the stars would never have thought that Xu Yang could be so fast. Although most people could fall to the ground to avoid the attack of his sword shadow, most people could not avoid the follow-up sword. Xu Yang's speed convinced the stars. Seeing a purple shadow running, the stars immediately attacked while avoiding it. Xu Yang at this time has also realized that if the straight line rushed to and fro, he can only be the target of the star attack, and the people he met are different, the prediction of the stars is quite accurate, which also makes his evasion very hard, and at this time, Xu Yang suddenly thought of the legendary "s" shape walk, in the process of moving forward, Xu Yang suddenly began to This can not help but let the stars a happy: "Oh, this is right ah!" " The voice fell at the same time, the star suddenly jumped back, after waving two sword gas, his arms immediately stretched out to the front of the body: "Take the big move, sword gallbladder!"! Wan Jian Jue! At the same time as the stars fell, his side suddenly congealed countless sword gas, and after his feet fell to the ground, he immediately shouted: "Shoot!" "Swish, swish, swish." With the appearance of a light sound, countless silver sword gas immediately flew in the direction of Xu Yang. Seeing the big move of the stars, Xu Yang immediately circled behind the stars with wind and thunder steps. But what he didn't expect was that while he was running, the sword gas that appeared automatically caught up with him. I rely on, "Xu Yang can not help but exclaim:" or automatic tracking it! " "Ha ha,Porcelain Marble Slabs," the star could not help laughing and said, "Do you regret using the'Broken Wind Chop 'too early?" "Hum," Xu Yang cannot help saying: "Forgot to say, now my broken wind chop already two levels, the cooling is short!" The voice fell, Xu Yang's sword gas suddenly cut out, a twisted airflow immediately toward the direction of the stars, the stars at this time is using the sword formula, he did not consider such a situation,Marble Granite Price, frightened, the stars hurriedly forced to interrupt the launch of the sword formula, in the turn is, he saw a purple shadow has followed a twisted airflow to him, Seeing such a situation, the star hurriedly used his posture to hide to one side, and then his two hands immediately threw out a huge sword gas: "Sword Gallbladder!"! Overlord Sword Tips! "Brush.." The huge silver sword gas went straight to the direction of Xu Yang and stabbed him. Although the speed of this move was very fast, Xu Yang's reaction time was completely in time. After seeing the sword gas appear, he immediately slid forward with the wind withdrawal. After this step of wind withdrawal, the distance between him and the stars was also shortened in an instant. Frightened, the stars pushed forward with a palm: "Wind palm!" Holding the wooden sword, Xu Yang came forward directly: "Haha, I have an overlord ring!" "Woo.." Although the wind of the star's palm had already appeared, Xu Yang seemed to be completely unable to feel it. Relying on the faster speed, he stepped forward and shouted: "Eat me a stroke of thunder!" The stars immediately shouted, "Sword gallbladder!"! Sword whirling dance! In the midst of drinking, the star's arms were suddenly thrown out. After his fingertips crossed, two circles of sword gas were immediately fired around. The sword dance itself had the effect of hitting and flying. With the flying sword gas, Slate Wall Panel ,grey marble slab, the approaching person would be hit and fly in an instant. But at this time, Xu Yang was directly hit by a sword: "Old starfish, broken gas!" "Brush.." "Poof.." Xu Yang's wooden sword instantly split on the sword gas of the stars, only to hear a light sound, the sword gas in front of Xu Yang was all split directly, although the stars still have follow-up sword gas split out, but Xu Yang's thunder chop also has follow-up sword light, with the "brush brush" several light sounds, the sword gas of the stars was all split in an instant, and several injuries suddenly appeared on his head. "Ok," after an attack, the star immediately stopped the action: "I lost ~" Xu Yang said with a smile, "Haha, how is it? Am I all right?" "What are you so proud of?" The star asked. "Do you know why you are so awesome?" "Why is that?" Asked Xu Yang. The star immediately said: "Of course, it is because of my good guidance. No matter how powerful you are now, you are just better than others. Do you understand?" On hearing this, Xu Yang was immediately pleasantly surprised and said, "So, have I surpassed the'First Sword in Jianghu 'now?" The star immediately breathed, "If you say you are fat, you will be out of breath. You still want to compete with your teacher in Jianghu.." In the middle of the conversation, the stars suddenly stopped. Xu Yang said strangely, "Why, did you admit it?" "Well, I admit it," said the star, nodding. "From now on, I will officially give you the title of'First Sword in Jianghu '!" "Really?" Asked Xu Yang? Why do you suddenly become so happy? The star laughed at once and said, "Haha, I really want to see you fight with the wind now!" " Xu Yang: "…" Chapter 662 the first sword in Jianghu. Unconsciously, the stars have known Xu Yang for more than two months, during this period of time, all of them are witnessing the growth of Xu Yang, although the stars are also frightened by the growth rate of Xu Yang, but he never thought that he would be defeated by Xu Yang. Perhaps in the eyes of others, the stars just suffered a stroke of thunder, but he himself knew that if Xu Yang had just used the strongest state of "wind and thunder dance", then he simply could not carry the damage of this move, this moment came too suddenly, although the stars pretended to be nothing, but Xu Yang could still feel the loss in his words. Xu Yang can not help but comfort: "You do not think too much, anyway, the end of the game is my doomsday." "I think what?" Star immediately said: "You can surpass me, I am also very happy ah, although your strength is 90% because of the equipment bonus, but anyway, win is win." Xu Yang is speechless: "Listen to the meaning of this word, you are still not convinced obviously..." "No, no, no, I'm convinced," said the star. "Anyway, equipment, pets, and even luck are all part of strength, and I'm not as good as you.." Xu Yang immediately said,Agate Slabs Countertops, "Don't you feel a little uncomfortable?" The star said truthfully: "The moment of losing is a little awkward, but after thinking about it, I immediately balanced." "What do you think of?" Asked Xu Yang strangely. 。