Jun Jiuling

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"This young lady is a child who is not sensible,

"This young lady is a child who is not sensible, and neither are you." The executive said, "I told you to look at the light, but you really only looked at the light. Who told you to drink when the light was on?"? Why don't you follow Tian San? "You told me to look at the lamp, but not at the man." Lei Zhonglian said. The executive raised his hand to hit him on the shoulder, raised it and put it down. You're so ***ing stupid. So much money was taken away by Tian San. There's obviously something wrong with it. He gritted his teeth and scolded. Lei Zhonglian's expression was dull. The light is on, and the chess is right. What's the problem? He said. The executive pointed his hand at him and his eyebrows jumped. The young lady has just said that she has not asked you to follow her. Lei Zhonglian opened her mouth first and said, "that is to say, she did not intend to know who this man was." Miss Jun really said this just now. The executive opened his mouth. Did she say it on purpose or casually? "It's the right thing for Miss Jun to do." Lei Zhonglian said, "a word can't be recalled. You can do what you say, and you can take it up and put it down." The executive stared at him for a moment and spat. What do you know? You praise her so well that no one knows she is such a person. What's the use? He said grumpily. Does anyone else know. She is such a person, is it because others do not know, she did not do so? No one else knows. Isn't she that kind of person? Lei Zhonglian said. The executive, angry and amused, looked at Lei Zhonglian. You know so much. He said. Lei Zhonglian looked at the silver in her hand. Didn't the young lady say that I did a good job, so she rewarded me with silver. If she's thinking like you. Hearing me say I'm going to drink after work, I'm sure I won't think what I've done is good,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, let alone reward me with silver. He said. The executive watched his smile fade and suddenly reached out and patted Lei Zhonglian's right hand. Ray, what you said is very good and reasonable. He said, "But it's no use talking about things in this world. It depends on how they are done.". And the results. Lei Zhonglian's face was pale, and her right hand, which was gently patted by the executive, stiffened. Watching the executive move his lips but not speak. I know that you have been upset for so many years,ultrasonic cutting machine, and you also know that you don't hit people in the face and curse people without exposing their shortcomings. The executive said kindly, "But this person should first remember his own shortcomings, which can not be remedied by saying so much truth." Then he patted Lei Zhonglian's right hand again and walked away first. Lei Zhonglian stood stiffly in place, looked down at his right hand, turned his palm over, and a deep scar from the tiger's mouth to his wrist was ferocious. He put down his hands and hung his head and continued to walk. His thin figure became bent and he walked out slowly. At this time, Liu was scratching her head and turning in front of Miss Jun. Miss, miss, is it really all right? Are you really not looking for the man who won our money? She asked in a hurry, "Does the executive just mean to find that person?" Miss Jun smiled. Willow is so clever. She praised it. Willow was somewhat proud. The businessman is full of oil, but I can hear what he means. Yes, she can also hear the meaning of the executive thing, ultrasonic generator driver ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, and she knows that the executive thing is wrong. The executive thought she was doing this for fame, so the person who won was important. But the executive really thought too much. She really didn't do it for fame, but just for money. Jun Zhen Zhen may need a name, but she doesn't, at least not yet. As a result, she failed to get money. Although she could put it down, it was not a glorious thing after all. Fortunately, the man played this trick to turn it into a fraud that was not worth mentioning. The people would not talk about it any more, and the matter was over. It's good. It's really good. It's perfect. Liu Er did not question the young lady's words, since the young lady did not care, she also did not care, put aside these thoughts happily sat down, began to play with shadow puppets. The young lady kept her word and took her to see the shadow play at the Lantern Festival last night. Last night's shadow play tells the story of a scholar and a village girl. The scholar rode a donkey and met the village girl. Attracted by the beauty of the village girl, he deliberately blamed the village girl for surprising his donkey and accosted her. Willow played with the shadow puppet and hummed. Wring the water in the well and pour it in the bucket. Does my sister know what's on her mind? She sang a sentence, suddenly stopped, and there was a question she wanted to ask. She turned her head and looked at Miss Jun, who was sitting in front of several cases and writing with a pen. Miss, is the man who won the money from Yangcheng? Are you sure you don't want to meet this man? Speaking of this, the little girl sighed, "I don't know what kind of person she is." How old are you? What does it look like? What do you do at home? Probably because I heard the words of shadow play last night, these inexplicable questions came out of my mind involuntarily. Unthink Miss Jun wrote the small script intently, and the master's medical theory and medical records came out smoothly in her memory. For that person, she really did not want to, not because he won his own money, let her draw water in vain and angry or dissatisfied. Miss Jun stopped writing and looked at Liu Er, and the little girl's face was clearly written with the meaning of Miss's grievance. I don't like that man. Miss Jun smiled and said. Of course, of course, I don't like it. Willow nodded. Not because he won the money, but because of his approach. Miss Jun said that what she liked most was talking to this little girl rather than to Mrs. Fang, the senior official, and others. Probably when I woke up in the dark, the first thing I saw was the little girl who was crying and almost dead. People are very strange, often very stubborn for the first time. The first cry, the first laugh, the first sight of someone. The joy of a glance is even only once in a lifetime, so there is the words of a lifetime. What happened to his practice? Willow asked, tilting her head. What he did was too small. Said Miss Jun. She set up the lantern in order to collect money, but she only let the executives find a person to watch the lantern,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, after all, so much silver, that's all. fycgsonic.com