To make children's watches a good helper for children

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Use the children's watch correctly, make it a good helper for children's study and life, increase children's outdoor sports, and reduce the risk of myopia.

To this day, calling is still a core function of children's watches. In recent years, the development direction of children's watches has changed. More and more children's watches are strengthening their learning attributes, adding some cultural knowledge learning and educational game functions to children's watches, which makes some parents, including myself, feel faint Uneasy, and even two very big questions.

The first question is, are children's watches really suitable for learning knowledge?

The original intention of giving learning functions to children's watches is definitely good, but the reality is skinny. Let children learn on a small one or two inch screen, learning may not be successful, and their eyesight has plummeted!

The second question, are our children really learning knowledge with children's watches?

In fact, parents born in the 1980s bought for their children, hoping that they would learn computer knowledge, and their children would use it to play Contra and Mario; parents born in the 1990s bought for their children, hoping that they could use it to learn English , children use to play magic tower, minesweeper. Children are the most creative, but they don't know how to delay gratification or how to properly protect their health. They can always find some fun in their parents' cognitive blind spot, even if it makes them Pay a huge price.

Are the high-tech products on the market helping or hurting children?

Manufacturers have achieved great commercial success by pleasing parents and children at the same time, but no one has ever paid close attention to how many children are shortsighted because of this.

Will the children's watch that has become just needed become the next myopia killer? Do you want to let something similar happen to the post-10s?

And our children's watch is a 100% harmless children's health watch!

Many parents may not understand the strong relationship between outdoor activities and myopia. In fact, our product team has a deeper understanding of this after consulting a lot of information. According to WHO survey data, the myopia rate of Chinese teenagers is 70%, while the myopia rate of American teenagers is only 10%. The myopia rate of Chinese children is 7 times that of American children. The most important factor is the length of outdoor activities.

A study in the journal Nature found that time spent outdoors was the only strong factor associated with the development of myopia, with less exposure to sunlight being associated with a higher risk of myopia. In fact, the principle is also very simple. Outdoor activities can expose the eyes to more sunlight, and sunlight can induce the release of retinal dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps photoreceptor cells respond to light stimulation. When the level of retinal dopamine in the eye drops, the eye enters a cycle of axial growth. The longer the axial length of the eye, the more severe the degree of myopia.

Let children increase outdoor sports, and we have not given up the educational function of children's watches. We believe that instead of letting children learn cultural knowledge on a small screen and risking myopia, it is far better to let them improve their sports ability through watches. Health is the core value of wearable devices. Today, our team is practicing this concept, for innocent and happy children, busy young people, middle-aged people who bear heavy family burdens, and elderly people who care for their lives, through the development of more advanced smart wearable devices for Everyone provides health care.

All parents want to spend more time with their children, but most parents face the dilemma of not having enough time with their children. After all, there are too many last resorts in the adult world. When we were making this product, we seemed to have found another way to accompany the child at all times, so we wanted to give this product a warm and distinctive name, burying the parent's love for the child in the bottom of their hearts. Love is passed on.

Therefore, the health function of this watch is exceptional, 24-hour heart rate monitoring, children-specific sleep monitoring, and children-specific activity statistics that are more scientific than step recording. I will not repeat these "ancestral housekeeping skills" here. In addition, we also refer to the authoritative standards of Chinese children's growth and development, and specially developed the growth and development recording and evaluation functions for the watch.