Daily use of a smartwatch and its main functions

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It mainly describes the daily use of smart watches, and monitors the user's physical health at all times during exercise and sleep to ensure health.

Introduction of smart watch

Smartwatches are nothing new, and smart devices and wearable are subtly changing the way we live and interact with the digital world. It's not just a fashion statement. When you are running, swimming or working and studying, you can quickly check notifications on your smart watch, keeping you away from the distraction of fragmented messages on your smartphone. Based on the new ultra-low power system architecture, it can bring a personalized multi-scene experience to smart watches.

For example, the "Enhanced Context Mode" with multiple themes and function types can meet consumers' fashion design needs for smart watches, while the "Professional Sports Experience" mode can continuously turn on sensors such as GPS and heart rate detection, allowing you to focus more on Sports state, this multi-scene mode can bring a more diverse experience.

What a smart watch can achieve

In addition to some smart functions that most people can think of, many functions that we can't think of at once are often more needed. It may sound a bit complicated, but it will always revolve around the following points:

You need to rely on heart rate monitoring to record your body changes; rely on motion sensors to detect and record motion data, the more you record, the more accurate the data analysis will be; GPS positioning is used to obtain your action records and obtain safety tracking and emergency Guarantee for help; message linkage, when it is inconvenient to use a mobile phone, the watch can also be used to process information and give timely feedback; daily health data records.

What a smartwatch can bring

Physical health data becomes demonstrable (heart rate, blood oxygen, menstrual cycle, drinking water records, etc.). When discomfort occurs, you can also tell your doctor the feedback of these data, so that both yourself and the doctor can feel more intuitive about the body and get more helpful solutions.

Remind you that it's time to "exercise" and increase your fitness motivation. When you sit still for a long time, the sensor in the watch will feel it, and it will remind you to get up and move at the time. It is a good choice to get up and stretch and pour a glass of water.

Learn more about yourself through physical and activity monitoring and recording. Track your daily calorie consumption and make your calorie intake logical.

The role of smart watches

Before we can figure this out, we first need to know exactly what smart watches do. In addition to some basic functions, is it possible to monitor our health status, sleep quality, and exercise data around the clock by wearing a watch, and give suitable "personalized" reminders and suggestions to make "smart" more user-friendly, professional and practical Sexuality is an issue that more people are beginning to pay attention to, and it is also the basis for smart watches to gradually become just needed.

Long battery life, more durable. Limited by the size, the smart watch has a large-capacity battery of 250mAh, and adopts an upgraded professional power-saving chip, which has the same power and longer battery life. Therefore, a perfect balance between rich functional experience and long-lasting battery life is also very important for the overall experience of smartwatches.

The G11 series watch can monitor and record twenty-eight kinds of indoor and outdoor sports. Heart rate can be monitored 24 hours a day, and health data such as stress scores can be derived through algorithms.

smart watch usage

Due to the pressure of work, life, and study, dependence on Internet intelligence, game products, and neglect of physical health, many people have symptoms such as shoulder and neck pain, dizziness, low blood sugar, and back pain at a young age. There are only 24 hours in a day, but there are many things to do. Most people are faced with the problem of balance between life, work and sports. The biggest conflict comes from the use of time. By using a smart watch well, you can make more effective follow-up and planning for your health status, and cooperate with exercise assistance suitable for your own state. I believe you will be able to meet new challenges with more energy.