The NPC will question the player character twice in order to ensure they'd like to make the changes

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Picking the Covenant is one of the most important decisions to make for characters in World of warcraft TBC. The Covenants include four available for  wow classic tbc gold players to pick from and they act as factions each with their own set of values. Each Covenant performs a function in aiding or guiding souls in the afterlife, and each will come with their own rewards as well as perks for players to unlock over time.

Each Covenant controls a specific realm in the World of warcraft TBC: the Kyrians control Bastion and the Necrolords have control over Maldraxxus while the Night Fae control Ardenweald; and the Venthyr control Revendreth. When a player has reached the new limit of level that is 60 players will receive a quest , which will take the player to Oribos and requires they to speak with the leaders of each Covenant to make their decision. The Covenant which the player is aligned to will affect the trajectory of the rest of their time with the expansion, and will dictate some of the most important quests that they'll undertake.

Thankfully, this is not a decision that is set in stone. If a player discovers their play style or personality isn't compatible with the Covenant they've chosen to join, they will have the chance to change Covenants. The process won't take long. Furthermore, if a player experiences a feeling of buyer's remorse and wants to rejoin their initial Covenant in the future, they can be able to do that, although this process is considerably longer and requires the player to show their skills by completing various tasks within the home realm. This article will show you how to alter Covenants to change Covenants in World of warcraft TBC, and also how to change them back if needed.

To change Covenants for the first-time is as simple as returning to Oribos and speaking to someone who is the head of the Covenant the player wishes his character's name to be a part of. You can meet the different Covenant leaders in the following places:

Kyrians: Polemarch Adestres 36.2. 64.2

Necrolords Baroness Draka 43. 74.

Night Fae: Lady Moonberry, 39.6. 60.9

Venthyr: General Draven, 44.7. 68.8

The NPC will question the player character twice in order to ensure they'd like to make the changes. In this way, if the character is able to accidentally speak to a different Covenant Leader, the character won't instantly be redirected to one of the leaders in the current Covenant.

If the character is able to agree to the new Covenant, they will be re-enrolled to an entirely new Covenant and will be given a task to their Covenant Leader to enter the Covenant's world and then go to the Sanctum. Players should note the fact that Renown and Sanctum upgrades that they earned or were unable to unlock in their previous Covenant won't transfer to the new one. The player must begin from scratch and complete the same quests from Buy wow classic tbc gold  beginning to end prior to obtaining Their new Covenant's Covenant Signature and Class Abilities . They will then begin to work towards Sanctum upgrades.

If players change their mind in the future, they'll need to go through a more strict process to be able to rejoin their former Covenant. This is due to the fact that participants of the Covenant will feel understandably betrayed by the player's character leaving without warning.